Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tune In Tuesday (1)

Trying out this new blog meme! I've been looking for a music-related one for awhile and was happy to hear about this one from Britt @ Not So Teen Reads. I don't want to take part in too many memes, but I can't resist this music one! Plus, it'll accompany Top Ten Tuesday nicely.
Tune In Tuesday is hosted by GReads!

This week's playlist song:
"Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)" by The Wombats

Some songs to accompany this one:
"Crying Lightning" by Arctic Monkeys
"It Goes Off" by the Skybombers
"Henrietta" by The Fratellis
"You Don't Love Me" by The Kooks


  1. OMG I have so much love for the Wombats...they are one of my favorite bands! Loved your post with your accompanied songs that include the Arctic Monkeys!!!!! Hop over and see why on my Tuned in Tuesday...Alex even has his own tage on my blog cause I love him so much LOL

    1. Same! I saw them last week in New York, they were so awesome! A whole tag devoted to Alex Turner? I'll definitely be checking out your blog

  2. I haven't listened to them in SO LONG. Thanks!

  3. Great pick!

    Btw, hope you're enjoying White Cat, I loved that book so much.

    1. Thanks! And oh lord, I love the Curseworkers books so much, it's almost embarrassing. I just finished BLACK HEART!