Monday, May 14, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (19)

Top Ten Authors I’d Like to See on Reality Television (and What Show!):

As with some of the other Top Ten Tuesdays, I’m going to mess with this one a bit. I don’t enjoy reality TV, so I try to stay away from it as much as humanly possible (or as much as possible when my mother watches all things Kardashian and Real Housewives). Rather than naming authors and shows, I’m going to talk about...

Top Ten Authors I’d Like to See As Younger Versions of Themselves in Cliched Roles on MTV’s The Real World, Entirely Based Off of Their Books, Their Characters, or How They Appear in the Media:

1. Stephenie Meyer: the slightly delusional girl looking to meet the love of her life on the show. For some reason, she seems to be attracted to every dude at a club in a shiny shirt.
2. E.L. James: the one that made you wish you didn’t complain quite so much about Stephenie Meyer. She basically wants the exact same things as S. Meyer, but is far more vocal and brash about it. She’s constantly in your face.
3. Maureen Johnson: the wacky, fun girl that no doubt starts the whipped cream and ketchup fights at one in the morning.
4. Jonathan Franzen: the loud-mouthed dude who’s constantly attempting to pick fights with the other roommates in the house. Usually about “literature” but any pretentious topic will do.
5. Nicholas Sparks: the hopeless romantic guy that likes to dwell on life’s tragedies. You get tired of the phrase “make love” right fast and hope that he gets less screen time later in the season.
6. Stephanie Perkins: she might oversleep for work, not being a morning person and all, but she’s so bubbly and effervescent that it won’t matter. Her cheerful but realistic attitude will be welcome on the show.
7. Lemony Snicket: he’s totally mysterious and a dash of weird. It seems that the cameras never quite catch him on screen--same with the rest of the cast. He keeps in touch with them via notes he writes on whatever happens to be handy at the time.
8. George R. R. Martin: the guy who is always playing the politics of the house, attempting to align people on one side or another. Things get way more complicated than you expect them to.
9. Meg Cabot: another bubbly girl for the house--only this one rambles on specifically about pop culture. And maybe tiaras or cats. Some might consider her to be a little crazy with her trains of thought, but she’s always a delight on screen.
10. JK Rowling: Nothin’ but class.

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  1. LOL. Fantastic! I would so watch this :)
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  2. HAH This post was hilarious! I'd love to see this happen...

    1. Haha thank you! Same, it would be so interesting to see what happened!