Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (20)

Top Ten Sites I Read that Aren’t About Books:

This was a bit of a struggle for me! Apparently the internet is mostly a vehicle for me to learn about new books and authors. Take that, people who always say that the internet is making books irrelevant! Also, you’re dumb.

ANYWAY, here it goes!
1. Television Without Pity (TWoP): I started reading TWoP many, many moons ago. Their slogan is “Spare the snark, spoil the network,” so you can imagine why I might have been drawn to it initially. TWoP provides in depth, snarky television show recaps, along with awesome lists such as “Hunger Games: The TV Teen Edition” and “Kick Ass Female Characters.”
2. Tumblr: I know that tumblr is words, pictures, videos, and music, but I spend a decent amount of time looking at it. Especially gifs that are amusing to me.
3. Twitter: All right, this could be considered cheating because one of the reasons I have a twitter is to follow authors, publishers, and industry professionals. But I also follow my friends, TV, and music-related people! It counts!
4. SPIN Magazine: I have a subscription to SPIN, but do I actually read it? OF COURSE NOT. I look at the articles on the website, because they conveniently email them to me. Sad but true.
5. Entertainment Weekly: for all of my entertainment news. A hard copy gets delivered to the house, but it constantly disappears before I get to see it, so the website is fantastic.
6. Hypable: it’s the Cliff’s Notes version of entertainment news created by fans of basically everything--television shows like Game of Thrones, superhero movies, books, etc. The people who run the site compile (and credit) important pieces of interviews, which is great because I’d never go searching for them myself.
7. Zap2It: apparently if I’m not looking at things about books, I’m looking at things about TV. I check this one out specifically for their coverage of The Vampire Diaries, but I’ll really look at anything that strikes my fancy. They do recaps and interviews for TV-based things. I follow one of the moderators/writers (@CadleyMack) on twitter because she’s pretty hilarious.
8. Wikipedia: for obvious reasons.
9. IMDB: I’m one of those people that won’t rest until they have figured out that the reason that they recognize that tertiary character on this week’s episode of Law and Order is that they were part of an ensemble cast of some 90’s show on Nickelodeon. I need to figure out those sorts of things, and when I have no choice but to give up, I turn to IMDB.
10. Mars Investigations: I don’t look at this one as much as I used to, but when I first watched Veronica Mars at the end of high school, I was on this site all the time for its quotes, music, and anything else it had to offer.

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  1. Great links. Thanks for sharing.
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  2. I love your comic that started this post! I think I flounder more than anything on the internet... one day I will be able to doggie paddle!

    I couldn't think of many this week, but you have to check out Marc and Angel Hack Life - a great site with positive lists that really make you think!

    Kate @ Musings