Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (9)

Top Ten Books I'd Give a Theme Song To:
1. WHITE CAT by Holly Black
"Everyone But You" by the Young Veins
She comes to me/When I dream/I'm tired of counting sheep to see her/I sleep because I need her
This song constantly reminds me of the Lila-related dreams Cassel had at the beginning of the story. Also, the sad tone of the song reminds me of Cassel's hardships and how he tries desperately to hide his feelings about things through the perfect combination of snarky sarcasm and deflection.

"Unbreak My Heart" by Toni Braxton/"Unbreak My Heart" by Weezer (cover) (I feel that I should say right here and now that this is going to be quite the eclectic list, please bear with me)
Unbreak my heart/Say you love me again
The Sisterhood literally UNBREAKS Lucy's HEART. Plus, the chorus pretty much describes the way Lucy thinks. She is under the impression that getting Alex to fall in love with her again will be the solution to her problems (spoiler alert: it's not). Plus, it's a great 90s jam that I feel should cheer up anyone if you blast it loudly enough and sing along as ridiculously as you can.

3. CLOCKWORK PRINCE by Cassandra Clare
"Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)" by The Wombats
If you love me let me go/Down to that bar in Tokyo/Where the demons in my mind/Leave me in peace
This could be Will Herondale's theme song. Whether he's hiding his issues from others through lying about drunken exploits or actual inebriation, Will has secrets in his past that he would love to avoid.

4. GOING UNDERGROUND by Susan Vaught
"All These Things I've Done" by the Killers
Another head aches, another heart breaks/I'm so much older than I can take/And my affection, well it comes and goes/I need direction to perfection/No no no no/Help me out
Del's regret that pervades the entire novel is reason enough for this one. He previously had a perfect life, but now all he wants to do is try to live his life without getting in any more trouble.

5. OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon
"The Cave" by Mumford and Sons
It's empty in the valley of your heart/The sun it rises slowly as you walk/Away from all the fears/And all the faults you've left behind
To me, this song and OUTLANDER are perfectly matched. I'm not entirely sure why, they just seem to have a similar feel.

6. FRACTURE by Megan Miranda
"Bang the Doldrums" by Fall Out Boy
Best friends/Ex-friends to the end/Better off as lovers/And not the other way around
Listen, I know there's a whole lot more going on in this book than just the angst of a teenage relationship (i.e., Delaney's slightly paranormal ability to tell when someone is going to die, the idea of survivor's guilt, arguments for an against euthanasia) but I think Decker's and Delaney's relationship fits well with this song. They are best friends, but recently something changed and they cannot peaceably go back to the way they once were.

7. TEMPEST by Julie Cross
"Momentary Thing" by Something Happens (Okay, almost all of the videos I could find for this song were VMars fanvideos)
After all/Well isn't this just a momentary thing?/It's not like I expected/Any heavy thing
Besides being the soundtrack to the first kiss of one of the most awesome TV couples in existence (Veronica Mars and Logan Echols), this song is perfect for Julie Cross's debut. So little is permanent for Josh--many of his experiences are moments that he remembers, but once he time jumps back to his home base, no one else does.

8. AUDREY, WAIT! by Robin Benway
"I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor" by the Arctic Monkeys
I bet that you look good on the dance floor/I don't know if you're looking for romance or/I don't know what you're looking for/I said I bet that you look good on the dancefloor/Dancing to electropop like a robot from 1984/From 1984
I think Audrey would really enjoy this song. It's fun, it's loud, it's fast, and you could dance like crazy to it. Some of our music taste overlapped and I'd like to know if this would ever come up on one of Audrey's playlists.

9. EVERNEATH by Brodi Ashton
"Pain" by Jimmy Eat World
Anyone can make what I have built/Better now/Anyone can take the same white pills/It takes my pain away/It's a lie/I kiss with open eyes/And she's not breathing back/Anything but bother me
I almost assigned Placebo's "Post Blue" to this one. I thought that the bitter, obsessive attitude worked well for the complicated relationship between the protagonist, Nikki and Cole, the immortal who brought her down to Everneath. However, so much of this book centers around pain--absorbing it from another person, observing someone else's, trying to escape it--that I decided to go with my original choice instead. Nikki's attempt to escape her pain is what made her go to Everneath in the first place. Plus, the whole absorbing of emotions is looked at as a drug for both people involved.

10. THE FUTURE OF US by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler
"Stand" by R.E.M.
Stand in the place where you are/Stand in the place where you are/Your feet are going to be on the ground/Your head is there to move you around/So stand
I'm using this song in order to tell Emma to "LIVE IN THE NOW, OKAY? YOU LOOK LIKE DEBARGE." to quote Buffy Summers. Okay, so maybe the entirety of the quote doesn't apply here. But seriously, girl needed to chill out and not let facebook rule her life and future.

"Pickin' Up the Pieces" by Fitz and the Tantrums
Felt like the stars fell down before us/In a dream of you and me/Then a storm came outta nowhere/Turned my peace to misery/Cause I've been running now for days/Pickin' up the pieces of love/I'm not so sure it'll go my way/That's just the price of love
One, I absolutely adore this song and this band. Two, I think it fits very well with the relationship between Hadley and Oliver.

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  1. Whoa - you're very good at adding music to your reads. I love it. I don't think I would be able to even think of one. But then again I'm one of those people that mishears all the lyrics and makes up my own words.

    1. Thank you! And I totally do that too! Sometimes making up words can be more fun

  2. What a great pick for The Future of Us- REM totally fits in with the time period and the song choice- perfect!
    And your pick for Audrey, Wait? Awesome!! Fast and crazy and fun, just like the book.

    Great list :)

    1. Thank you! This one was so much fun to make :)

  3. The Young Veins, Unbreak My Heart, Momentary Thing...I love this list.

  4. I love FOB for Fracture! :)

    And although I haven't yet read the book, Pain by Jimmy Eat World is one of my all-time favorite songs!

    1. Thank you! You have great taste :) I recommend that read!

    2. Also, new follower! Your blog looks awesome!