Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (8)

Top Ten Books I'd Save If My House Was Going to Be Abducted by Aliens:

Warning: I'm probably going to take some liberties while writing this list, meaning that I may count whole series as a single entity to save. Why? Because it's my blog and I have a greed problem when it comes to books.

1. All of my Harry Potter books
I own American copies. I own British copies. I still have my original Sorcerer's Stone copy that I read so many times that it's now missing a front cover, back cover, and is about to lose the first couple of lightly torn, crumbling pages. They're all coming with me. These books have become so ingrained in me that if anything were to happen to them, I'd bet some sort of weird pain would manifest itself on my person. We have a deep bond, me and these books. I'm usually only this weird when it comes to Harry Potter.

2. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins
I just don't see me not grabbing these, I just feel better when they are close by. My mother has my first book right now and I keep going, "Wait, I can't just read it whenever I want?" They're brilliantly written and entirely heartwrenching, a great combination when it comes to action-driven stories.

3. The Steig Larrson Millenium trilogy
My aunt bought me the gorgeous, hardcover, embossed copies for Christmas last year and that boxed set stands as one of my prized book possessions (listen, some people have jewelry, I have pretty books). I've only read the first one and definitely need to finish the series, so they're coming with me in case of alien attack/takeover.

4. The Mockingbirds/The Rivals by Daisy Whitney
I haven't read The Rivals yet (which is entirely shocking because I adored The Mockingbirds and it's now been a few months since I tracked down an ARC) but The Mockingbirds has to be one of my favorite YA books. I'm not a big fan of the new covers featuring actual people--I loved the old, simple cover far too much. So much that I went through great lengths to track down an ARC of The Rivals so that my copies would match. After putting so much effort into obtaining pretty copies, how could I leave them behind?

5. Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken
I obtained my copy from Book Expo and got it signed by the author! Bracken was a delight to meet and took time to hear me ramble about how new and different her fantasy debut was. I definitely need to keep my pretty signed copy nearby.

6. The Jessica Darling books by Megan McCafferty
I don't think I've ever identified more with the voice of a young adult heroine than I did with Jessica Darling. Her sarcastic wit and intense high school disillusionment made her the perfect companion for my high school years and beyond. These are coming with me.

7. Fracture by Megan Miranda, both my ARC and my hardcover
I absolutely LOVE this story. For some reason I'm really attached to my ARC of it, even though I also have a (SIGNED!) hardcover copy. I need them both, that way I can suggest that others read it and I maintain the opportunity to reread it whenever I want. I mentioned that I have a greed problem when it comes to books, right?

8. The Riverside Chaucer
I didn't learn how to read Middle English for nothing. Even in the event of aliens, I'd like to be able to check that I could still recite the first twenty lines of The Canterbury Tales from memory. One day I'd like to finish reading all of the tales and I might as well read them in their original form from a giant, pretty book, right? Plus, that book cost me a pretty penny and would look stunning on a set of shelves with a bunch of leatherbound classics. Which, you know, I would get once the alien problem was taken care of.

9. Clockwork Angel/Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
This series. Hot damn, this series. I love it and I love my hardcover copies. Once again, British steampunk-ish Shadowhunter stories trump the original Mortal Instrument series. I own hardcover copies of all of the Cassandra Clare books, but if push came to shove, I'm taking the Infernal Devices over the Mortal Instruments. Plus, I need to be able to reread my copies right beforeClockwork Princess (the last book in the trilogy) comes out. Aliens aren't going to mess that up for me.

10. Princess Furball by Charlotte S. Huck
This is my favorite picture book/fairy tale story out there. The illustrations are different and gorgeous and I have good memories of reading this book over and over as a child. I recommend it to every parent that comes into the library looking for princess stories for their children, even if what they're really looking for are the Disney books.*

*Note: I do in fact work in a library, I'm not just some weirdo that sits around the children's and young adult sections suggesting books at unsuspecting parents. That'd be weird.

Also, no pictures this week because blogger isn't working and I've entirely lost patience with it. I'd rather lose the pictures than my sanity.

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  1. I see that you have quite a few bookish treasures to save. I don't usually buy books so I have less, or less that I'd risk my safety for anyway.

  2. Brightly Woven is such an underrated book. I loved it and wish everyone would read it! I haven't read Jessica Darling yet, but I have copies sitting on my shelf just waiting to be rescued!