Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meg Cabot Read-A-Long!

Hosted by Book Club Girl!

Meg Cabot, to me, is like the queen of young adult chick lit. I spent hours and hours reading and re-reading all of her books when I was in middle and high school. SHE GAVE US THE PRINCESS DIARIES! HOW COULD I REFUSE THIS READ-ALONG?! I need to catch up on some of her adult series anyway!

Here's the highly do-able schedule!

  • May 22th—Boy Next Door discussion on Book Club Girl
  • June 12th – Queen of Babble discussion on Book Club Girl
  • July 3rd - Size 12 is Not Fat discussion on Book Club Girl
  • July 10th -Size 12 and Ready to Rock goes on sale
  • July 31st -Size 12 and Ready to Rock discussion on Book Club Girl on Air, post questions for Meg’s Book Club Girl On Air interview at 7PM

Keep up with the read-along on twitter (with the hashtag #megreadalong) and on the Book Club Girl's facebook page! I'll be posting reviews of these books during the read-along.

The Boy Next Door e-book is going to be on sale for $2.99--if that's not a reason to buy it, I don't know what is. I've read it before and will certainly take advantage of that deal!

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